Sunday, March 14, 2010

sur le weekend

this has been a quiet weekend as i spent the second half of last week nursing a sore throat/headache variety of virus. m. le docteur prescribed rest and no talking so i spent a trappist few days until full voice capacity was restored yesterday.

i have done most of the quilting on my second big piece for southern lands batch #2 so i should be able to finish it next weekend. here is the first stage of layering eucalyptus dyed blanket over silk satin and linen. i then did the usual array of chopped up synthetics and organza. this one is much harder to quilt though as there are multiple layers of organza which keep shifting - prompting much tooth-grinding on my part.

i did get to stock up on some lovely japanese rayon thread at embroidery source which is just down the road in fairfield. it is a small aladdin's cave - aisles of shelving towering up to the roof, laden with cones of sheeny rayon in every imaginable colour. i was fairly restrained and limited myself to immediate needs. the lovely man said if i changed my mind about the colours or ended up not liking them i could bring them back for a full refund even 3 or 4 years hence.and i forgot to show these treasures from the grampians. part of the textile festival was a traders' hall and i restricted myself to some treats from spiral dyed. the cockatoo feathers were a gift that i found on my walk to the shops. there were dozens and dozens of cockatoos all shedding feathers lavishly so i didn't think they would mind if i took a few
once the southern lands quilts are despatched (by the 18th of april - eek!) i am going to play...

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