Sunday, March 14, 2010

one more thing

i was sorting through the most recent photos for the previous post when i found some from a couple of weeks ago when we had dinner with most of my family had dinner to au revoir my sister and her husband. they are now in deepest darkest south america, having a wonderful time but 2 weeks ago they were with us at pizza farro. a proper review post is on our food blog eat our way up high street.

there is a 12 year age difference between me and my little sister - sometimes it shows but mostly it doesn't. we're very close and chat, usually by email, most days. we share a love of grammar and etymology, a profound zero tolerance for ignorance and a passion for all things yarny and textiley, although penny is more yarny than i am and makes the world's best socks. she's also faster and a neater knitter.

here we are chatting
and her lovely husband kent and our Mother paying due attention to the conversation.
pizza farro has very cool decor
and excellent gelato
and i'll be very glad when they're home...

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Ping said...

We miss you!

I might have to commission an Amazon jungle inspired quilt - the colours and shapes were amazing. (As I type I feel seasick because we´ve spent so much time canoeing on the oxbow lake that it feels odd to sit on still ground!)

Two weeks down, three more to go. Can´t wait to see you, gorgeous sister.