Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cloque workshop

a couple of weeks ago i went to grampians textile at hall's gap and did philomena hali's 2 day workshop in cloque - a technique that permanently changes the structure of cloth using a caustic soda solution. the emphasis was on safety and we all had respirators, a face mask and thick rubber gloves. i did get some minor caustic soda burns on my arms from residue on the rim of the bucket and it's not fun. but the results were amazing - this is one of philomena's samples
philomena is an artist from alice springs, whom i met last year and who makes amazing things. here are some of the samples she brought with herapart from cloque, she taught us a number of shibori, smocking and other fabric manipulation techniques and dyeing with procion dyes
this was the view from my cabin
and this was the welcoming committee i haven't taken any photos of the bits i made but will over the next few days

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Lynn said...

An exciting day. Yes, it sounds like long sleeves are a must and/or long gloves. Be safe, and have fun creating these wonderful textures.