Sunday, March 28, 2010

next challenge quilt

here are a couples of glimpses of the next art quilts around the world challenge quilt, due for release on thursday. the theme this time is 'flora' and i noodled around with lots of ideas before running out of creative steam.

southern lands has been consuming my creative life with little room to develop other ideas - it is my priority at the moment so i hope i will be excused a double up - this piece is destined for southern lands but it picks up a different theme. in july 2007 i went for the first time to alice springs - as you should know by now i was and remain mesmerised by the country and took lots of photos - mostly of rocks and escarpments in various tones of ochre and deep sienna.

i also took this - the pond in the hotel where i was stayingi saw other waterholes and soaks but the contrast in colours and textures between this man-made oasis and the desert has stayed with me

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arlee said...

oh, i do like that bottom photo! reminds me of my favourite place, like yours, it's desert and once in awhile you discover a teeny spring bubbling up and putting a little colour inside of a square foot---lovely!