Sunday, November 01, 2009

back in black

i don't know if anyone apart from susan noticed but i didn't do my customary 'cram a week's worth of blogging into a weekend' thang last week.

there has been much activity chez seascrump as e turned out to have whooping cough, not asthma and has been confined to barracks until at least the end of next week, w continued his prep orientation with a noticeable thawing towards the whole concept of school and the muse pretty much zoomed off in her skoda and left me to it. which has meant that for the past couple of days i have been gripped by angst at the mt everest of creative work that loometh and hoping it doesn't turn into a mt etna. so gripped in fact that i was up in the murk midnight mending monkeys on friday night
(here he is in recovery)
and revising the list of southern lands quilts i have in the pipeline. you may remember that i need to make 8 pieces for this exhibition - i have finished 4 and i have ideas for at least another 12...... so inspiration is not the problem - or rather it is because i keep thinking of things.

this started as an experiment in sewing layers of tulle, painted tyvek and canvas and then turning the heat gun on it.
and this is evolving quite nicely
the ice dyeing experiment wasn't so good - but next time i won't leave it to melt/dry in the sun, on a slope, where billthedog can run over it..... this i think is rescuable.
as it is a loooong weekend here in melbourne i will try and blog some more - i plan another ice dyeing experiment this time with some hessian which i have stitched onto silk and cotton with string and perle 8 thread.

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