Tuesday, November 03, 2009

land of the long weekend

especially if you don't work on fridays and the creche is shut on monday...

the muse was relaxing on the beach today so sent her long suffering sister martha instead and i made hanging sleeves and labels for the 2 quilts which will be in the victorian quilters' one step further exhibition.i made myself a new top in a fabric that looks and feels like liberty but cost $5 from darn cheap fabric :)
i did the next ice dyeing experiment - this time on some stitched hessian over silk and cotton and in the more controlled surroundings of a plastic tub in the laundry....we also did shirtloads of washing and tidied the house ready for that angel of mercy, angela who will come and work her cleaning magic again tomorrow.

and if you ever wondered what we looked like chez seascrump here is w's family portrait done on linen with my new fabric pen - clockwise from bottom left we are w (5), a (14), m aka the scrumpster, e (12) and me

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The WestCountryBuddha said...

I recognized you immediately!