Sunday, November 08, 2009

peeved of thornbury writes...

just returned from a bizarre supermarket trip where (in ascending order of offence taken)
  • i observed a man squeezing avocadoes as if they were stress balls
  • i was asked by the young whipper snapper of a checkout person if i were hungry
  • i was winked at by an ancient mariner in one of those ride-on scooter things


arlee said...

i HATE shopping

Banaghaisge said...

Reminded me of -
My baby sister is one of those hillsong type christians. But she didn't used to be so straight...
Once at church she was wearing a new fluffy angora sort of jumper. A bloke came up and started to stroke it saying "Lovely soft jumper" except he had her breast under his fondling paw. So she stood there appalled and then reached down, grabbed his crutch and said "Lovely trousers".

You could have said to the avocado mauler "Be gentle - they aren't your balls, you know".