Sunday, October 18, 2009

wot? another post?

yep this is major avoidance, folks - i have cardi seaming to do... i finished the ruffle cardi over a week ago and have yet to even pin the seams, let alone ply the chibi needle.....

although i did accomplish one of my weekend goals - which was to make some progress with one of the big southern lands quilts. i dyed the fabric for this on the evening of the last federal election when uncle kevin was swept to power and lazarus with a triple bypass carked* it (for non australians that translates as the current prime minister kevin rudd won power from the previous incumbent john howard - a name which still sends shudders down my spine). apart from shrieks of joy that the 11 year regime was over, my main memory of this night is cleaning red and orange paw prints off the kitchen floor the next morning (i left the tub of dyeing fabric on the kitchen floor - well within reach of the curious cat)

this fabric is also notable for taking ages to get to the right shade - i even hung it on the washing line and squirted it with the kids' water pistols (and no i don''t have a photo)

anyway today i finally leapt in and started quilting - as usual i had only a vague idea of what i wanted to do but i listened to gurrumul and thought of the deep country in the west macdonnells and just went with the flow of the piece.

and this is the result so far - who knows what will evolve next?not me. i have an idea but i never really know what a piece is going to look like, not in any detail. a few commenters have admired what i do but really it's just playing and letting the thing create itself - being open to whatever may happen. i only know one thing -if i try to force it the piece doesn't work. it only works if i let it unfold and reveal itself.
and experimenting is crucial - can you guess what this is for?
* further translation pm rudd became known as uncle kevin after he gave everyone cash as part of the financial stimulus package and howard described his own prospects of becoming prime minister as 'lazarus with a triple bypass' after losing a second leadership battle back in 1989 - see how old i am? it is still green in the seahorsean memory


Corryna Janssen said...

Great coloured fabric.
I guess the icecubes are made to dye fabric. I wonder what it will do. I am sure you will keep us updated.

arlee said...

oh YUMPtious colour---that is GORGEOUS

sharon young said...

Fabulous colour red and I'm intrigued to know what the ice tray dyes???? are going to be.