Tuesday, October 06, 2009

filling in forms

i am feeling unreasonably proud of myself for filling in the forms for this year's one step further exhibition. i loathe forms of any kind and am always afraid of making a mistake.

i am very fond of lists and make a lot of them - but forms make the back of my neck feel weak.tonight however i measured quilts, filled in forms, stamped self addressed envelopes, assiduously labelled photos and will post the fat envelope tomorrow - 6 days before it has to be received by the Victorian Quilters. usually i do these things in a frenzied last minute teeth gnashing stress-out....

i think it helped that i chose 2 pieces that i had already finished so there was no last minute hair tearing out on the actual quilts.

but still i think i deserve a small elephant stamp

1 comment:

arlee said...

absolutely--and a Hero Biscuit :} Luck to you!