Friday, October 16, 2009

red ochre landscape

the piece i posted yesterday for kootoyoo's 'my creative space' is one of the 8 i am making for an exhibition. being asked to make textile art pieces with minimal boundaries (4 small ie A3ish and 4 big - more than 1 metre on one side) has been incredibly freeing for me and has really inspired me to try different techniques - so inspired that i have ideas for 12 pieces!

red ochre landscape is one of the small pieces - i started by painting canvas, then deepening the colour with soft pigment pastels. the 2 outside pieces are painted silk - the piece on the right was free sewn with a pintucking foot to get curves and ridges before i attached it to the canvas. then the piece was backed with a chunk of painted op shop sheet and i sewed as the spirit moved me - circles and squares on the left, contour lines for the rest. then some more colour.
here it is freshly painted, post stitching.

i played with the idea of attaching a piece of plastic grid that i found in the street in darwin and maybe a layer of fine black tulle but it didn't feel right and the colours had dried too pale, too pink.
So i went over the whole thing with red ochre pigment powder mixed into cold wax medium ( a beeswax paste similar to cold cream - usually used in oil painting but perfect for carrying intense colour) and more pigment pastels and burnt sienna shiva stick (a solid oil paint crayon) and rubbed deep into the fabric with my fingers (wearing gloves, arlee)it's still drying on the sewing table and so far the colours look about right - maybe a few more touch ups. my goal this weekend is to finish a big piece... stay tuned


M* (Melanie) said...

The colours look amazing. I love the way you layer and experiment with so many interesting mediums. I will have to come over for a visit one day and watch how you do stuff.

lisette said...

come on down :) and it's really just playing and seeing what happens - and not having too many preconceived ideas about the finished produc

Kylie said...

It's so fascinating to see how you've done this. I always see things like this in the textile mags and am totally in awe of it. Love the stitching too :) K

Suse said...

I can't remember if I've said this before but I have an overwhelming desire to photograph your quilt work. I find the textures quite mesmerising.