Saturday, January 31, 2009

some retail therapy

i went out for a brief respite from the kids (4 days of super hotness plus 3 kids, especially a despotic 4 year old) and mysteriously found myself at gj's......

they don't have air conditioning there so it was a quick survey and pounce on these:
  • 2 metres of chocolate poly cotton
  • a spool of thread in my endless search for the perfect turquoise
  • 4 spools of ribbon, on sale at $2 a spool
  • and another silicon thimble (i think bill must be eating them - this is my fourth or fifth. they do look like sweeties, don't they?)
i hope to get some sewing done before i go back to work on tuesday - the heatwave splatted my plans for a nice relaxed mix of sewing, creativity and cruising bookshops and cafes.

and i don't think i have shown my camera bag before?
i made this little bag using an almost impenetrable pattern i bought at a quilt show about 5 years ago and some vintage kimono scraps. it has housed silk embroidery threads for the last few years but proved to be the perfect size for my birthday/cmas camera from urbane scrumping. :)

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catsmum said...

that was VERY restrained for a trip to GJ's