Saturday, January 03, 2009

sock dilemma

i bought this gorgeous sophie's toes sock yarn from emily last month - the photo doesn't capture the depth and range of colours in this yarn, it is just luscious.

and i have some smoooooth knit picks double pointed needles freshly bought from sunspun this day.

so what's the problem?

i can't decide which pattern to use to turn this beautiful yarn into beautiful socks. i'm sick of knitting plain socks but am not quite up to a complicated pattern yet. it needs to be something i can put down and not get lost - something i can knit on the tram or in front of the tv that will survive the thousand and one interruptions that flavour my life.

my sister suggested the broadripple socks and i'm considering them or this feather and fan pattern - any advice?



You didn't go with the dog hair thing then? I have no idea how to knit anything unfortunately....but aren't socks hard to do? If you can go round a heel I think you should be able to do anything; knit a cover for a kalashinkov instead - or knit a box of chocolates and embroider some toppings!!

catsmum said...

I have but one word for you ... brrrripple !