Sunday, January 25, 2009

back from the beach

feet and waves
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we're back from a few days at mallacoota in the eastest part of the state. we drove there on the hottest day of the summer so far - 42 degrees when we stopped for lunch at lakes entrance. it was so hot the road was melting. thank goodness for air conditioned cars.

mallacoota is as far east as you can get - 20 something kilometres off the main highway and buried deep where the bush meets the sea. it was very quiet despite the full camping ground that lies along the shore of the inlet.

highlights included:

  • walking along the beach at twilight
  • watching a and e boogie board for hours
  • a having his first surf and actually being able to stand up on the board
  • w playing in the estuary
  • watching all 6 kids play and shriek around the big garden
  • reading reading reading
  • the local seafood (including the mussel that w was given while we watched the fishermen at eden wharf clean their catch - it was accepted gratefully at the time and disposed of quietly when we got home). on that same trip to eden (which is a port about 70 kms north of mallacoota) we visited the killer whale museum which was like stepping back 40 years. the carefully lettered signs were clealry original and would count as vintage and there were generous helpings of the work of some ancient local poet. the only reference to the local Aboriginal population was a display devoted to the noble savage written by that same local poet....
  • watching the amazing evening thunderstorms and lightning flashes over the mountains
  • seeing the pleiades (my favourite constellation) and the amazing wash of the milky way
lowlights - the most uncomfortable bed i have ever tried to sleep on, the abundant mozzie population and the loooooong drive to get there.
but the ocean - i love the energy and detached power of the ocean, the feeling of being at the mercy of a ceaseless, careless, huge something. and as w said after his first inadvertant mouthful of the briny - the sea tastes like oysters...

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