Tuesday, June 24, 2008

when shall we three meet again?

no i haven't scalped macbeth's witches but isn't this stuff skin-crawlingly stomach turning ????

erky perky!!! undyed english leicester looked much more appealing when squished into a plastic bag. it burst open to reveal the most revolting fibre i have ever come across - just like old person's hair. it was marginally improved by seething in the dye pot for a while but i can't wait to get this stuff out of the house and given to a more appreciative owner

i'm sure there's someone in castlemaine who might put it to good use??? and with a ringing endorsement like the one above, who wouldn't leap at it?

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catsmum said...

double double toil and trouble cauldron burn and cauldron bubble ... I won't continue on about the fillet of fenney snake et al, but yes someone in Castlemaine will happily take it off your hands if it's causing you so much angst
and can you bring your IKs on Saturday - any over a couple of years old at least??