Tuesday, June 24, 2008

tree quilt phase 1

it must be the prospect of a deadline for another quilt but i finally made a start on a tree quilt. i started just playing around with the idea of a horizontal piece to try and reorient my mind to horizontal creating if you know what i mean.

i had a swag of teabags drying with the vague plan of making a piece combining paper and fabric and had soaked some ancient bits of curtain lining (so old it practically disintegrates in your hands) and a piece of cotton in the tea bath. so i emptied the teabags of their contents and tore them into squares and played around with them on a strip of linen. then i ironed some vleisofix on the linen strip and fused the teabags into place.

i assembled the the tea dyed pieces and then went over both panels with textile medium. the photos show the panels drying on my kitchen table.

next step - perhaps draw a stylised tree on the plain panel and do some rows of handstitching on the teabag panel.

not sure how it will end up but i have broken the mental barrier of horizontal composition :)

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