Monday, June 09, 2008


yesterday we went to buda and saw the exhibition - some amazing pieces including a shimmering susan mathews' quilt and a beautiful piece by susan fell mclean 'palimpsest of a golden country' which won the pigment, painted and dyed fabric award.

and then we had a look at the house and garden which is just stunning. there is a large bunya pine in the garden which has inspired my quilt for the around the world in 20 quilts group's first challenge which is 'trees'

the sap oozing out of the rough hooped bark looked like rubies:

and there was an amazing elephantine root, surfacing like some subterranean behemoth:

and inside the house (which was authentically freezing cold - much colder than outdoors) there was a vase of honesty and a flower i didn't recognise, glowing warmly on the windowsill.

then lunch at the empyre cafe and a friendly cup of tea at the lovely susan's house. she has been spinning such soft and fine yarn in luscious ripe colours. go and have a look at the beret she made from her fine handspun. just gorgeous. as is the sweet little mr bear (no hints you'll have to go and see for yourself - scroll down a couple of days)

and then last night i sat and quilted a piece that i can't show yet but it involves eucalypt dyed blanketing, synthetics, tulle and yes the blowtorch....


catsmum said...

great photos of the Bunya - isn't it just amazing ?
I just love Buda's garden at any time of the year but it's at its best when the wisteria is out.

Susan said...

beautiful photographs. Glad you had such a lovely time. I just love Buda. I think it's my most favorite garden in the entire world - big call I know - but I've seen alot of gardens! There is a spirit there which I find mesmerizing.

Jorja's Nanna said...

I went to Buda today. Congratulations on winning the award. You did an amazing job of it.
BTW I found you via Cats Mum.