Sunday, April 29, 2007

random kimono quilt

one quilt top made of randomly pieced chunks of vintage kimono fabric. the centre panel is the only part of the quilt that i put together carefully - it has my favorite kimono chunk in it - almost looks like gum blossom

i had hoped to show you something a bit further on as i pieced the back from 14 inch strips of scarlet silk today but my batting was a foot too narrow :(

sorry the quilt top isn't ironed and was hastily thrown over the bed to catch a brief moment of sunshine - at the moment the sun is only shining on weekdays here in melbourne :) and yes that is maisy mouse tucked in at the head of the bed - 2 year old W shares our bed and maisy is his constant companion.


SeamRippstress said...

What a beautiful quilt this is becoming! I love the idea of "randomly pieced"

Helen said...

Maisy is a favourite in our house too! Quilt looks amazing!

Susan said...

Gosh fabric stash reduction! Quilt looks great. Another one done.

Kyrah said...

Never thought to use kimono pieces - neat idea! Sure to be a soft quilt.

Best wishes -