Sunday, April 01, 2007

nothing to see

having a bit of a life crisis here chez seahorse so there has been no creativity at all.

hopefully the creative spirit will return soon

until then it's probably best if you move along as there really is nothing to see here


catsmum said...

Just so long as I still get to comfort feed you in a fortnight !!!
email me ok?

Susan said...

know the creative spirit will resurface.

Emily said...

I hope everything's ok! I miss you! I do know for sure that the creative spirit will return. Definitely. Thinking of you.


ACey said...

Hugs returned to you, from the comment you left on my blog. It meant a lot to me. Hopefully if we hang in long enough the tide will turn.

Bluejanem said...

Creativeness is just a frame of mind - but it is sure hard to turn on - good luck with finding it again so you can continue to inspire others. Cheers Jane

Elle Kasey said...

Groping my yarn stash to send the creative essence back into the atmosphere for you!