Sunday, September 14, 2014

new work in progress

I spent all weekend in the studio - luxury! Inspired by my workshop with Seth Apter, I played with paint and acrylic glazing liquid. I learnt some wonderful techniques in that workshop, especially about layers and using text in painting. And the great thing is you can cover up mistakes with another layer of paint.

I also realised that I haven't used yellow in my work - gold, yes and bronze but not yellow. I don't have any yellow in my wardrobe either.  So as a challenge I made some pieces that were all predominantly yellow (this did involve a trip to the art store...)

And then I started on the current work in progress. I had a stretched canvas that was already primed with black gesso so added some paint and white gesso for texture.
 Some text and more colour
 Then this afternoon went over it with more colour - not finished but waiting for the next stage.


Heather said...

Ooh! This is going to be exciting.

Margaret Cooter said...

I'm loving the yellows ... but then, one can never have too much yellow paint on hand - I bought two tubes the other day, to use on the next cloudy day.