Sunday, September 07, 2014


Today really felt like spring has arrived - the bellwether sign is the butter. Left out on the kitchen bench it was soft enough to spread on my toast without microwaving!

It was Father's Day here in Australia so I made smashed avocado and feta with poached eggs on toast for lunch. Really, really good - especially with Betty and Vera's luscious eggs.
Then it was time to open the box of wonders from my favourite nursery and plant the summer bulbs - those glorious pink lilies that smell of vanilla, some deep red Bourbon Street lilies and Kind Dog's favourite - dahlias.
 The spring bulbs are nearly finished but there are still lots of iris
 and burgeoning tulips.

 I also spent lots of time in the studio this weekend. I stayed up until after 2am painting and experimenting, using the techniques I learned in Seth's workshop. Huge fun :)

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