Wednesday, May 14, 2014

to the seaside

Kind Dog and I felt the need for some sea air so we trotted off down the coast to one of our favourite beaches.

Inspired by black eyed angel,  (go and have a look at her blog and website - she is a fascinating artist, sculptor, herbalist and writer) we thought we would shoot some old fashioned film. I dug out my old Minolta and Kind Dog remembered an even more venerable Voigtlander Bessa he had packed away in a box.

So, festooned with cameras both digital and steam-driven, we drove down to the beach and set up the tripod and started snapping.

We got the scans back from the camera shop today - we are very happy with the results.
There is a soft graininess with film that you can't get with digital. Although I would really like some kind of digital/film hybrid where you can see at once that you haven't got the horizon straight....

And of course sunsets and moonrises look best in colour.


Kit Lang said...

Lovely. We're packing up to move and I found (literally) a bag full of non-digital cameras. I thought I should pull them out and try and take some "real" photos - the kind where you sit and hope and pray...

And then have to wait.

And wait.

It's good for the soul, I think.


suzie said...

How wonderful! Thank you for your kind words :) Were the b&w shots from the Bessa? They are all fabulous. I agree with you about film having a deliciousness that digital can't replicate. As for the horizon straight thing...part of the fun of film I'm afraid! But what it does do is force you to slow down, really take your time making the picture and consider everything before you click.
(and you can always straighten horizons in photoshop!)