Monday, May 26, 2014

life and death in the park

I often walk through the park at lunchtime on my work days. My office is right next to one of Melbourne's big inner city parks that was planted in the nineteenth century in a purely European style - oaks, elms, plane trees, swathes of truly emerald grass and big old fashioned flower beds crammed with hellebores, camellias and dense perennial borders.

It's all full of life - possums, rats, magpies, lorikeets and once, excitingly, a Powerful Owl (I got some very odd looks as I crawled around under the tree it was perched in, scooping owl pellets into a plastic container. My colleagues were not nearly as excited as I was.)

Today there was the body of a possum lying in the middle of the grass - quite still.
You could see how perfectly adapted its feet, claws and tail are adapted for tree-living.
 And yes, I was tempted but thought I would get more than dim looks if I took it back to the office and slung it in the fridge for the afternoon.

Then I saw this - at first sitting on the branch and then, in what is unmistakably a doorway.


Kit Lang said...

You're a lovely odd duck, aren't you, blossom? xo

Peter said...

I think that possum was powerful owl's dinner , more than likely it will end up in some fox's stomach. A day ago I saw a group of magpies on the road , one had been hit by a car, and three other magpies were prodding its limp body , you could see they were quite distressed and concerned that their family member should get off the road because that was a dangerous place to be , it reminded me how animals too particularly those whom form social clusters , like us feel grief .