Monday, April 21, 2014

since we last spoke

A number of blogs I read have died a natural death or are in the process of falling over. I thought this one was running out of steam but, after a brief sabbatical and some judicious minimising of my digital footprint, I find there's still something to say. Interestingly having abjured Facebook and had a blog break I have been writing more in my journal - ie in a real, paper-based notebook.

Meanwhile there has been plenty of activity chez seahorse, although not much in the studio, and I do have 10,000 words of thesis written.


Kit Lang said...

Congratulations on 10,000 words!

Janet said...

I realised the other day that I'd missed seeing you on FB but now i've put your blog on my reader I will catch you when you post. Hope all is well. xo
ps I don't blog much anymore but I always mean too, it's pretty common I think.