Saturday, March 08, 2014


Today is my day off. My current routine is work three days a week, study/research/write three days a week and have Saturdays off.  And it's working pretty well - I read academic texts and make notes on my tram journey to work; I absolutely, completely don't think about work unless I'm at the office; and I make sure I hug the people I love. So far, so balanced.

Art is taking a back seat at the moment - writing my thesis and making a little money are the priorities. So that is worked in at the sides - I draw every day, spend a little time in the studio after dinner if I'm not too tired and am not making anything big or that has a deadline. I did that in January and it just didn't work. Last week I practised some eco printing on paper and silk, using the techniques I learned from Velma.
 And Kind Dog and I have gone on a few gentle walks in the bush:
clean air
and a packet of sandwiches
and tea at the end.


librarygirl said...

Mmmmm that tea looks good and is that waxed lunch wrap on your sandwiches.? I haven 't been able to find that for years!

Felicity said...

Yes! I'm a recent re-convert as I was sick of plastic wrap and plastic sandwich bags. Coles have waxed lunch wrap for less than $3.