Sunday, November 10, 2013

darn it

I have become rather unexpectedly fond of mending. Not in in a thrift, faux Little House on the Prairie, inner city sustainable living kind of way but because I a) love stitching, b) get very attached to clothes (especially woollies), and c) I hate the thought of throwing something away just because it is torn, or has been attacked by moth.

So I darn Kind Dog's knittedbyme socks, sew on buttons, mended the tear in my brand new shirt when my sleeve caught on a London street sign, and yesterday I tackled some overdue mending of woollies. My favourite cardigan, which is now at least 10 years old, suffered from a 2 inch rent where the collar met the back, and also some signs of the bite of the moth. Or possibly just some thinning and disintegration due to age.  Another cardi, this one without sleeves, was also parting company with its collar.
I love the meditative process of mending using old tools like my darning mushroom, my "long darner" needle and the mending wool. As I stitch all sorts of small memories of connection bubble up - I bought the mending wool in a little shop on the Isle of Wight when I first met Kind Dog's family. It reminds me of cold, windy walks along the front at Ventnor,  my first cold Christmas, the beginnings of connecting with my new family who have turned out to be as kind and loving as my lovely Kind Dog.

This is also a good opportunity to post another photo from our trip.  One of our favourite places is the British Museum: so full of wonders, including these Roman needles made of bronze, bone and glass.
Beautiful objects that I would love to be able to touch and use. A little smoothing and filing of points and I could use them in my next darning session.

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