Monday, November 25, 2013


Margaret Cooter is a Canadian artist living in London and one of my favourite bloggers. There is always something interesting, engaging and new on her blog and (unlike me) she posts nearly every day.  We have similar tastes and interests and I have discovered so many wonderful artists, sculptors and poets thanks to the wide-ranging scope of her blog.

This evening I did what I have been doing for the last week or so with my favourite bloggers and went back to look at what has previously been posted at this time of year. And this is what I found in November 2007 on Margaret's blog  - a post about barcode art. Given enough pieces of data , it will generate a barcode for you.

An amuse-bouche for the mind - here is mine:

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Margaret Cooter said...

What a nice surprise to read your kind words about my blog! Since 2007, barcode art has been joined by QR code art, but somehow I can't get too excited about it. Maybe it's just not intrusive enough, the way barcodes are?