Saturday, November 23, 2013

a bit poorly

I have been a bit ill this week - which meant a brief trip to hospital and a few days of lying in bed, feeling and sounding consumptive.
Today I felt recovered enough to spend most of the day out of bed and even went outside to visit Betty and Vera who have grown enormously!
 And best of all, Kind Dog made steak and kidney pie for dinner.
It was fabulous and he was justifiably proud of his first ever pie and first ever pastry - puff pastry at that.


Annabel Rainbow said...

Ach, poor you. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. The pie is Magnificent.

DIAN said...

Sorry you have been unwell. As for the pie - it looks fabulous.

Sue said...

My poor wee twin. Hope you're not allergic to chooks... Big hugs, get better soon. Much love xxxxx

librarygirl said...

Sounds horrid! Take care love. We need some consistent sun for you to lie around in xxx

Margaret Cooter said...

Hope you are 100% ok now! (The pie looks Very Impressive Indeed, what a treasure!)