Sunday, June 09, 2013

some works in progress

Just popping in to show some work I started last week before we went down to to the beach to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (which is a separate blog post).

I made another seastar - using a bronze/gold rayon thread. Here he is drying in front of the heater  -
 which excited a certain amount of feline suspicion. There was much growling and stiff-legged pacing around it before a pitched battle was staged in the hallway.

This is in limbo while I work out how to attach the black silk twisted strips to get the effect I want
and this is silk chiffon, smeared with fibre paste and gesso and dripped with various inks and paints.
And finally, this is what happens when you outsource selfies to the resident 8 year old (taken in the car - hence the angle and the blur)

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