Saturday, June 29, 2013

please help

It didn't make much of an impact in the news here in Australia but Calgary, Alberta has just suffered the most devastating floods.

And my friend, textile artist and eco-dyer, Arlee Barr has lost most of her studio - can you imagine the devastation of losing your stash built up over years - fabric, threads, dyes, scissors, paints. Not to mention losing your precious work in all its states of progress. It makes my heart grow cold just to think of it. 

You can do two things to help Arlee rebuild - go to her online store and buy some of her beautiful fabric or finished artworks or you can go to her blog where there is a donate button. There's a $5 limit for each donation - that's roughly the price of a coffee. Or a fifth of a yard of silk. I know I couldn't walk into somewhere like Beautiful Silks and just spend $5.

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