Friday, April 12, 2013

spinning progress

My fibre friend Wil has taught me how to spin on a drop spindle. Something which looked impossibly difficult when I watched him nimbly spinning a fine and consistent yarn,  but it turns out to be incredibly relaxing and meditative, once you get the knack.
Luckily my Mother taught me to spin with a wheel when I was about 12  and I did some spinning about 5 years ago, so my fingers had the memory of drafting and easing the twist. It took a little while to get the rhythm of the spindle but I love it!
I think I will use this as a single and dye it with indigo, or possibly madder, and then do some freeform knitting, using it and copper wire.  And tomorrow I shall dig out some silk fibre and play with that.


Kit Lang said...

I have always wanted to spin. So jealous!

Your madder/copper wire knit thing sounds SCRUMPTIOUS. Really looking forward to seeing it.

Kathryn said...

I agree with you about the meditative process of spinning like this. I learnt this technique in school, and a couple of years ago found a spool in a shop and tried to revise the skill. Haven't quite got back into the knack of it, but you have inspired me to try again!