Monday, April 22, 2013

Someone posted a link to this article on the Book of Faces and it reminded me of a game I play when I'm feeling a bit Eeyorish - which is counting my bits of lucky.

I agree with most of the 101 simple pleasures and thought of a few more of my own:
  • writing with real ink on real paper, preferably with a dip pen on lovely thick toothy paper
  • feeling the smooth pull of thread through fabric, especially silk or linen
  • the gentle rhythm of knitting
  • the gentle rhythm of spinning
  • feeling a small creature relax and feel safe as it snuggles into you
  • waking and hearing the regular breathing of your Best Beloved
  • new socks
  • hand-knitted socks
  • the just risen full moon
  • walking on a crisp winter's day
  • baking bread
  • buying presents
  • hugs
  • being oblivious to everything except the book you're reading
  • having cascades of creative ideas
  • looking out to sea
  • the smell of long-awaited rain
  • dead-heading roses
  • clean sheets
  • a really good cup of tea (leaf tea in a pot please - I have no truck with teabags)
  • not rushing
  • looking up
  • a cancelled appointment/meeting/social event
  • being remembered
  • stars in the desert
  • being chosen by a cat
  • snuggling back into bed on a cold rainy morning
  • meeting your new baby and thinking 'oh it's you'
  • realising how lucky you are


Kit Lang said...

And the congregation said, "Amen".


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