Tuesday, April 09, 2013

After spending months camped out in the intellectual side of my head and almost completely neglecting the creative, I am trying to redress the balance. Seeing the Anish Kapoor exhibition in Sydney last month reminded me of how starved my creative side has become: his work is overwhelming, mysterious and beguiling.

He does the most amazing things with colour and form on a scale that fills you with awe and delight. Here is the exhibition poster piece My Red Homeland

When I am Pregnant is totally bizarre and delightful

And my favourite - Memory - which takes mystery to a whole new level. Here is Kind Dog peering into the deep
And then the other side - monstrous, overwhelming, delicate and calm.

I was surprised by the complex emotional impact of this piece. It is huge yet fragile and crowds the space uncomfortably  - walking through the low entry point you feel its presence like a blow.  Despite its weight and size I was overwhelmed by its vulnerability (the feeling of being trapped yet barely contained). Even more surprisingly, I was filled with yearning and wanted to crawl into it and just disappear into oblivion.


Kit Lang said...

A primal response!

Wish I could see it too.

Margaret Cooter said...

In his show in London a couple of years ago, Kapoor had a welded-iron piece crowded into the central room - you had to squeeze through, past people squeezing in the other direction - it felt all wrong, but hey that's art!