Thursday, February 07, 2013

this week has been busy - mostly writing my draft thesis chapter as I have my 6 monthly review in March. As a consequence my side of the desk looks like this:
 But I have now written 4500 words - I'm not sure how many of those words are useable but they are there which is the main thing. And will be rewritten and moved around and turned into footnotes and then back into text.....

So I am taking tomorrow off and having a studio day :)

In other news:
  •  young Nero has been fighting some sort of creature and has the fur from his left eyebrow missing and some grazing and missing whiskers on his right side
  • we have a plague of small lizards running amok in the house and shedding tails at whim
  • Mr Pteranodon has come a cropper and lies prone on the floor, very like Richard III in the previous post.
Although i suspect Richard III wasn't pushed off the staircase by a young cat who has form..

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