Monday, February 04, 2013

this IS Richard III

The skeleton of Richard III.
 How exciting! Breaking news on The Guardian's website is that the skeleton disinterred in Leicester really is Richard III - not looking quite so much like a bottled spider.

Being both a history and a Shakespeare nut I think this is absolutely amazing. And look at that spine - how uncomfortable! And imagine trying to get armour to fit...  Both arms look normal though so not much evidence for the withered hand.

And I love the para further down that reveals that the Richard III Society doesn't have anything to do with the Tudors but do meet the Stuarts from time to time.  Nothing like a 500 year grudge...

This has cheered me up no end - a nice distraction from the election disaster that looms 7 months hence.


annabel said...

I did wonder if the withered hand was perhaps nerve damage from the spine, or perhaps shoulder issues. I love this - I too am very excited by it all. State Funeral I think!!

librarygirl said...

totally hairs rising on my arms and shivers as I read this!
have read so much about Richard and his brothers and the princes in the Tower over the years.
History come to life: for this history major, the most amazing news of the week!

Lynn Cohen said...

Yes we are quite excited about this at our house too!

Peter said...

Reminds me of the Monty Python, world series hide and seek championships , very tactful , no one would ever have thought to look under the carpark .