Monday, February 04, 2013

2013 intentions

This is rather late, but I did write the original list one sleepless January night in Venice. 

The last couple of years have been full to bursting with Life Events and change and the accompanying stresses and anxieties. So I am looking forward to a year of chugging rather than lurching and trying to minimise the negative, whether it's people who make me feel bad or taking a more positive view of life. 

So here are my 2013 intentions:
  • take control of what I want to have in my life
  • be more organised and balanced in how I use my time 
  • inspired by Jane Davila I will try and blog twice a week
  • minimise commitments to make or exhibit things or do any challenges - I've done challenges for the last 8 years and I think I need a break - 2013 is play time!
  • I'm not going to have anyone in my life who is negative or makes me feel bad - just not going to engage
  • think before I buy more stuff, whether it's supplies, clothes or books (actually maybe not the books - I always need books)
  • not leave so many shoes under the desk...

1 comment:

Kit Lang said...

Lovely list. :) (Except for the shoes, I can't get behind less shoes under the desk, as that would seem to indicate the pile of shoes under MY desk needs lessening.) ;)