Tuesday, July 03, 2012

textile resurrection

 so dear readers, when we last heard from the studio there had been some less than happy results. the silk paper that looked like porridge skin, the thread breaking, the chewing up of embroidery by the usually reliable janome...

luckily these have all phoenixed. first the unpromising porridge skin has been transformed with paint into something much more interesting

the sea star dried satisfactorily into something that looks very like the real thing - with the addition of some fabric paint and iridescent ink.
 this was worth all the thread breaking and swearing
 although i would like that issue to be fixed before i make any similar sort of creature

the muslin/silk organza is being improved with some hand stitching

and here is the latest item for the incube8r restocking (available from 13 july in the fitzroy store)
 solomon's gate 11 inches or 28 cms square

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Kit Lang said...

oooh, I LIKE phoenixes! :)