Friday, June 29, 2012


sitting snugly in my studio
wearing the usual (black jeans, long sleeved t shirt, some kind of woolly, bamboo socks, my beloved birkis
listening to kate bush's brilliant aerial album
musing on a bunch of random things
planning my incube8r space
knitting very fine paper yarn
sorting out in my head which machine embroidered sea creature i will make next
puzzling over the trickiness of human relationships
thanking the universe for my own lovely kind dog and my children
taking quiet delight in my first ever chanel lipstick - the luxury! the lid even clicks in a luxurious way :)
wondering if the blogger app on my ipad will allow me to insert dot points


librarygirl said...

chanel lipstick! lovely and posh

lisette said...

it's lovely! it feels ever so grown up and it's really deeply red :)

Banaghaisge said...

Hmmm, knitting is looking interesting and intriguing. Moan, Chanel lippy. Want. However, I melted all my bits of lipstick together, and I have enough of a wonderful Colour to last me forever. Maybe afew other people too. And all those lipsticks that were "never quite right" have turned into a glorious amalgam of perfect colour.
Now for Chanel nails too...

Julie said...

Knitting fine paper yarn sounds interesting! Thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog recently. I'm sorry I've been so long in responding - life! I thought it was time I signed up as a follower here :-)