Friday, February 24, 2012

the next challenge

the next challenge piece for the international quilt challenge group is due today.  which would be fine if i hadn't had the Muse wait until yesterday to strike with a usable idea.  i had plenty of different ideas that had no momentum at all or that sputtered out as soon as they burst into my mind.

fortunately the Muse handed me a corker of an idea yesterday - although it doesn't meet the formal requirement of the challenge of being a two dimensional, A3, stitched piece. although it is made of textiles and it is stitched.

here is an early sniff

i am putting the skills i learned from Karen's class to good, if unorthodox use.

(edited to insert better photos)


Kit Lang said...

delicious, gorgeous, luscious colour!!!!!

(P.S. - did you know you're a no reply blogger? I noticed from your comment over at Fire!)

Kathryn said...

The Burst of colours grabbed me at first look, but then I saw the cross-stitched detail, and the seed stitching, which are gorgeous and have made me even more eager to see this piece in all its glory.
Such intense colour seems to contrast with your more recent work - is that the muse speaking?
p.s. what's a no reply blogger?

Jensters said...

How i love colour, stitches and fabric.....beautiful.