Sunday, February 26, 2012

nearly done

 my challenge piece 'lumen' is nearly finished.
although these photos look rather hectic, they're pretty close to the real colours.
lots of hand stitching and i think i can tell you that it's made of hand-dyed cotton (which was machine stitched before it was dyed), sari silk,  sinemay and sticks made of heavy cotton twine soaked in black gesso and paverpol. and hand stitched with silk and cotton threads. 

mainly sorbello stitch, french knot and a little running stitch.

and i guarantee it won't be what you expect. or even guess. Kind Dog can attest to that - this is completely different. Yes, Kathryn, we have Muse Rampant :)

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William said...

This is another step into new territory: neither a flat, layered surface nor a bound and wrapped kernel, but a richly-coloured and worked membrane enclosing a protected space without hiding it.
It's good to see these uncompromising colours return, with a new role to play.