Friday, October 15, 2010

thank you all for your lovely supportive comments here and on facebook - the middle of the night is a dire time but even if joy hasn't cometh in the morning, feeling better has :)

a number of things have happened lately that have prised off old scars and had a good poke at the rawness beneath. and in the general world outwardly innocuous and worthy events such as child protection week, mental health week and remembering your lost baby day have poured a measure of lemon juice and salt into the wounds.

luckily there are people in the real and cyber world who hold my hand and there are the other life rituals that hold us together. my baby turned six this week.
and being friday and no work, there is coffee and raisin toast and an anxiously attendant billthedogit's also pouring with rain - a good day to stay snug


librarygirl said...

All these beautiful October boys.
Happy birthday to your baby.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy birthday to the baby boy. Six is such a beautiful age.

Hope you are shaking off the 4am dreadfuls and letting the sound of the rain soothe your soul. xx

Suse said...

Happy birthday to your baby :)

Janet said...

The rain is good, yes?

Oh six, how fabulous. Happy birthday to your boy!

Lynn said...

Precious young man there! My grandbabies turned six last month!!!
Hope youre doing okay.

Jensters said...

Great photos of your baby and a lovely looking dog too.

The Happy Apple said...

Gosh he's growing fast. Quite the young man. I cant believe we've all been blogging so long as I can remember the photos you posted when he was so much smaller!!

Be of good cheer x

Oh and could I just give Billthedog a interweb pat on the head please? Perhpas a little scritch of the ears too?