Friday, October 15, 2010

more murk midnight

i'm beginning to develop and hearty dislike of 4 am.

what is it about the middle of the night that attracts all those harpies of anxiety who come and perch in your mind and poke you with sharp sticks? all the things that seem copable or at least overcomable in the light of day suddenly grow fangs and become intolerably worrying in the dark.

even my familiar, toby cat, seems to have deserted me tonight and i am powerless against the demons. a few more hours and things should look better


The Happy Apple said...

Be of good cheer and think of baking a nice big choccy cake or something homely and positive. All will be well. Go back to bed and sleepies.

Ping said...

You are never powerless against the demons, my love, although I know it feels so in the dark cold hours. And I doubt Toby would desert you - more likely he had a harpie bailed up in the corner so that it couldn't reach you.

Sending love and good thoughts.

librarygirl said...

I should send you my phone number.
We could be chatting in the middle of the night instead of worrying.

Jensters said...

Hey you sound like me....4am most mornings with something on my mind that in the end i can lay there no more!! Hope your troubles ease.

sweetypie said...

theres more of us around than you would think,,but chin up girl, all things pass love from tina