Sunday, October 10, 2010

frottage and rubbings

well that title should garner a few disappointed readers....

it's amazingly easy to get out of the blogging habit - after trying to post every day in september, october has been fallow. partly because my particular ball of dung has been a bit heavy and unwieldy for the last little while.

(image from here)

inspiration is sluggish and disconnected and the tempo uneven.

but on friday i played around a bit - inspired by the lyric kinard quilt university class i signed up for but didn't actually do at the time :( i played with paintsticks and textures
frottage in art-speak is taking a rubbing of an object - in this case fabric crayon and paintstick on cotton over a flattened out copper scourer. and cotton over flattened out kozo fibre
it also leads to gilded fingertipsthen i played with some silk ribbon and a piece of japanese linen using a fabric weaving technique i found on someone's blog - i think it was jude hill's blog but when i went back to find the post to link to i couldn't find it :( if anyone can remember who posted a 'how to' on this technique can you please let me know? not least because i'm not sure that i did it right...and finally i used a new to me product called fibre paste to coat some canvas and cotton and we shall see what happens to these.


The Happy Apple said...

What is fibre paste please? And should I get some?

lisette said...

it's a thick white goop a lot like gesso but with bits in it - don't know how it will stitch yet but will let you know. i got it online through the interweave store.

The Happy Apple said...

Ah thanks for that..sounds a bit like those gel mediums you can get with pumice etc in. I'd love to know how it stitches as the word Fibre, suggests it would be ok.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The fabric weaving is very effective with those stained glass colours !