Friday, June 18, 2010

ummmm - racism IS illegal

but you would never know it....

see here

and here

and here

and that's just this week.

apparently if you racially vilify someone it can be called a gaffe or a faux pas and it certainly doesn't mean you're a racist.

excuse me, it does - we live in a society that is deeply ingrained with racism, founded upon the racist assumption that Aboriginal people didn't exist in the same way that Europeans exist - that they didn't have any sort of connection to their land, that they were and are a lesser people because of the colour of their skin and that they can be patronised when they succeed because sheesh you just wouldn't expect it. someone needs to invoke the racial vilification act and what's left of the eviscerated racial discrimination act.

this happens all the time and it makes me writhe with shame


Lynn said...

Yes, it's a sad commentary especially for someone working with children. We train kids by our role modeling. Thanks for bringing this to everyone here's awareness! Important.

Sally said...

Great post. Well said. That our community continues to accept this is awful. Thank you for standing up and saying - "this is not on."