Monday, June 14, 2010

long weekend in 5 minutes - go!

friday - umm 4 days ago so hard to remember....
  • took em shopping to get the rest of her birthday clothes
  • played a wee bit on the sewing machine but pootling around mainly so nothing worth taking a photo of
  • i cleaned out my handbag (remember that magazine ad series from the '70s 'you can tell a lot about X from X's glomesh bag'? well mine wasn't anything so glamorous. i don't remember any of those ladies having 5 handkerchiefs in their bags)
  • cheese club in the evening
saturday - feels even longer ago than friday...
  • ack! really can't remember anything apart from painting my nails lairy turquoise green (well i only paint my nails once a year so it's worth doing them a lairy colour (that's some of my friday pootling in the background)
  • um hang on it's coming back - we took bags of stuff to the charity bins and bought a bale of straw for the chooks
  • went to the local spice shop to buy kolonji and found these serendipitously wonderful balls of some kind of fibre spun into some kind of yarn. i couldn't resist the colour and it goes so well with my nail polish :)
yesterday - a bit clearer in the memory
  • it was damply freezing and gloomily grey all day.
  • i blocked the freeform knitting component of my next alice quilt
  • the scrumpster, w and i went for a every rugged-up walk down to the new bakery/cafe/bookshop that has opened in high st in the space where the aquarium used to be and we have bought x number of now deceased fish in the past. we bought some lovely fruit heavy fruit bread and a rather fluffy miche loaf
  • we finally mixed up and baked the christmas cake (the fruit had been sitting in various drenches of booze for 6 months - a record even for us)
today i remember quite clearly :)
  • we did the next stage of out long term project of walking along the merri creek path. today's section is between st georges' road and high street. mercifully it wasn't quite so cold and the sun was out. (more photos on flickr)
  • then we had coffee and cake at the new bakery - and it was good if a bit noisy
  • i finally made w his honey ant dreaming pillowcase from fabrics bought in alice springs last year. he helped with the pins...
i thought i hadn't done much this weekend but seem to be quite a few dot points :)


Vireya said...

Hi, Lisette,

Your red thread is most likely cotton. It is called "kalaavaa", and is tied around the wrist on auspicious occasions in India.

Sounds like a very busy weekend!

Judy said...

LOVE the cleanibng out of the HANDBAG!!What we girls carry in them is a wonder to behold!!!