Sunday, April 25, 2010

pause for thought

this afternoon i went to see "fabrications" - the embroiders' guild's current exhibition of felting, art quilting and embroidery. i was especially taken by the work of kerry mosley an english textile artist who machine embroiders over large pieces of knitted and beaded wire. there were a number of large scale portraits and a couple of pieces with machine embroidered butterflies - all delicate and fascinating. i don't how how she makes such large scale pieces without any distortion - the knitting i have done with wire usually distorts when you looks at it sideways. not surprisingly no photos were allowed at the exhibition but go and have a look at her website.

last weekend i pinned what may be the next quilt - layered linen, fine wool suiting, kimono lining, eucalypt-dyed silk and silk satin. at the moment it's marinating on the design wall aka the kitchen door but i'm thinking of lines of running stitch.....

i also started knitting a free-form component for a wool-based quilt using my handspun yarn in colours ranging from turquoise to ochre. this one may veer off to be a burnt quilt and i might try some hand-stitching with copper wire. photos to come

(ghastly task update: i have pinned all the sleeves for the southern lands quilts and have sewn one (bear with me - i need encouragement for this task) and have started to work towards the next bit of work. as an extra carrot-stick i have decided that i can't go to the quilt convention next weekend unless i have completed the sleeving and labelling)

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arlee said...

i'm with you on the sleeves--HATE that part and always leave it until the last moment! BUt getting it done,you CAN move on to the next exciting stuff :}