Wednesday, April 07, 2010

noodling around

noodling pretty much describes my actitvy level for the last week or so. mooching about, puddling around, doing the odd bit of knitting or stitiching as the spirit moves me wiht no particlaur muse-led frenzy.

i had planned to make the big leap forward over easter and finish the southern lands pieces but noodling won out and any leaping has been deferred until next week when the kids are back at school and i can use my day off to focus.

i did finish the ice dyed small piece with some hand stitched spirals and that is going to go off to europe. here are a couple of detail shots....
i was frustrated and irritated on good friday when for the third year in a row i tried 4 churches before i could find one that was open. i just wanted to sit in the quiet and think a bit on what is supposed to be the big festival of the church year and i was locked out... aside from alienation from the church, we spent good friday in peaceful sloth, rousing ourselves only to go to bamboo house for dinner (see review on the eat our way up high street blog here) and then to see frank woodley a part of the comedy festival.

saturday was more pottering, sunday we spent with my lovely in-laws for a bbq lunch and monday i had a quilty visit from kathryn, a fellow art quilts around the world consoeur (i just made that up - it's the sisterly version of confrere) she brought a splendid fruit salad with her including this fabbo pomegranate
a mangosteen. was my first mangosteen and was a curious and pleasing combination of creamy texture and sharp tang.

this photo of young w blowing bubbles on the back step sums up my easter break

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