Friday, August 14, 2009

sloth and a pouty muse

the scrumpster very kindly posted the camera cable so i can show a few more holiday photos

standley chasm looking up
and darwin

otherwise there has not been much activity chez seascrump - as soon as we landed at melbourne airport we all got sore throats and different levels of sneeziness and ear achiness. this was, i think, rather off putting for the muse who had had a lovely time in alice springs running around like a dog off the leash. but for the last couple of weeks she has been more and more pouty and disinclined to play.

one burnt quilt was the output until late yesterday (and i'm not sure whether or not to cut this one up - any thoughts?)
so yesterday i was stern and, instead of the desultory attempts at creativity of the past week and a half, we did some playing. i think the prospect of making 3 large (for me) quilts was a bit intimidating - i usually make small pieces that fit easily on the kitchen table and the idea of filling all that space was rather scary. so i got some pieces of op shop cotton from the stash and tore them into pieces of just over a metre square to see just how much space i had to deal with.

add some rough gathers and tucks (inspired by colette wolff's wonderful book 'fabric manipulation') and some fabric paint and it all started to flow. here is the piece wound up and wet with fabric paint
and here it is unfurled and dry - a bit too pink and needing more colour i think - some rustier, siennaish colours
and a smaller piece at the putting things together stage

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M* (Melanie) said...

dye experimentation! How divine. Dying is so much fun. I haven't dyed anything in so long. Probably has something to do with Kraft Kolour moving out of High St. what dyes do you use?