Saturday, August 15, 2009


yes folks i have been silence-enabled. the sore throat referred to below mutated suddenly yesterday into something else - we descended quickly from rather fetching huskiness, to a dismal croak by last night (so that i was obliged to point at the menu and gesticulate when ordering thai takeaway which made the poor woman extremely nervous - she backed away into the kitchen and didn't reappear) and this morning there was only remnant croak and now - nothing, nada, nyetski.

w has been asking increasingly querulously 'is your voice back yet?' and about half an hour ago was driven to ask me to please stop whispering as he couldn't HEAR.

and i look like the Dowager Duchess of Crap-on-Toast.... thank goodness the scrumpster is back tomorrow having completed his odyssey driving back from darwin.

thank you for the comments - mel i used pebeo setacolour and jo sonja fabric paints on that piece: i usually use kraftkolour's sun dyes as well but the last time i was at zart art their stocks hadn't recovered from the bushfires

and yes miss molly's favourite sleeping spot is on my sewing table - usually on the current work in progress. for some reason both toby and molly seem to like sleeping on the burnt quilts although they are usually quite spiky from the melted synthetics - it must appeal to some feline inner luther.

and finally i thought you ought to see the result of my failed attempt at microwave eco dyeing in alice springs - i sadly overestimated the amount of time it should have cooked. the gumleaf btw was intact.....

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arlee said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the burnt piece!