Thursday, August 27, 2009

i seem to be a very desultory blogger - but i only write when i have something to say which may be every day for a bit and then nothing. i am coming to the end of my 6 weeks of lovely holiday - i thought i would blog more often but i seem to have blogged less - too busy actually doing.

and thinking (here over breakfast in sydney - note the unsatisfactory toast bottom left - it was warm bread - not toast at all)btw sydney was great although it was a bit tricky being a tourist with no voice - some people assumed i couldn't speak English and spoke to me in big smiley 'you're an idiot' voices, other people whispered back and others just backed away nervously.

i had 3 ferry rides (my favourite form of public transport), trotted around The Rocks and Circular Quay, hopped on and off buses, found great bargamoniousness in Newtown and went to a favvoloso exhibition at the gallery of 8 senior Aboriginal artists. Judy Watson was one of the featured artists - i have admired her work for a long time - when we were in Canberra in the 90s i used to soothe my soul at lunchtime by walking over from my building to the national gallery and just sit in front of their stunning Rothko and then in front of Judy Watson's 'heartland'. this would revive the inner me so that i could face another session of working in the Dept of Finance.....

so over the last 6 weeks i have made a couple of burnt quilts

eaten extremely well
done some rust dyeing
painted fabric
planned more stuff
and slothed just enough


arlee said...

My GAWD, Sweets---who's the prolific one?????????Looks like you have a nice stockpile of things to work with. And as much as i love those rusty gloves, i also think they're hilarious :}

catsmum said...