Wednesday, July 22, 2009

postcard from alice

a few snap shot moments from oop north
  • being kissed by a blue tongued lizard being hugged by a snake, stroking a bearded dragon (see the fillum on the scrumpster's blog)
  • family being (barely) patient while i squatted in the dust and rubbed red dirt into silk and khadi paper
  • being beautifully warm - kids in the pool until blue and shivering
  • abandoning microwave gum leaf dyeing after scorching exhibit a and drawing ire from the family
  • marvelling at the rocks, the colours and the textures in the west macdonnell ranges - the ochre pits ellery creek big hole and trephina gorge in the east macdonnells
  • w sustained some minor injuries during some uluru induced jocundity
  • flying over uluru and kata tjuta in my first helicopter ride (which was fantastic - i didn't want to get out)

photos will have to wait i'm afraid - the connection keeps choking on them....

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